Zuchu – Mwambieni

AUDIO Zuchu – Mwambieni MP3 DOWNLOAD
Zuchu – Mwambieni
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AUDIO Zuchu – Mwambieni MP3 DOWNLOAD

Zuchu is a rising star in the Tanzanian music industry, with hits like “Sukari” and “Cheche” propelling her to fame across the continent. Her latest release, “Mwambieni,” has already become a fan favorite and has been making waves across the internet


In addition to downloading the MP3 version of “Mwambieni,” you can also stream the song on popular music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. These services allow you to listen to the song without having to download it, which can save you storage space on your device.

If you’re a fan of Zuchu and her music, “Mwambieni” is definitely a song you’ll want to add to your collection. With its catchy melody and meaningful lyrics, it’s a track that’s sure to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. So go ahead and download or stream “Mwambieni” today, and enjoy the latest hit from one of Tanzania’s brightest musical stars.


Hee mwambieni mwanbieni (mali yake ishaliwa)
Aha apunguze kampeni (jimbo lishachukuliwa)
He he mwambieni mwambieni ((mali yake ishaliwa)
Aha apunguze kampeni (jimbo lishachukuliwa) wee

Kabaki mbe, mbe arijojo mbembe hatarii
Mbe arijojo mbembe
Kaambulia patupuu mbe arijojo mbembe
Yuko chali chaliii mbe arijojo mbe
Mbe mbe mbe

Listen to “Zuchu – Mwambieni” below;


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