Khaligraph Jones – Bongo Favour

Khaligraph Jones – Bongo Favour
Khaligraph Jones – Bongo Favour
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Khaligraph Jones Drops “Bongo Favour” Diss Track

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has released a new diss track aimed at Tanzanian rappers. The song, titled “Bongo Favour“, is a hard-hitting track in which Khaligraph takes aim at his rivals, calling them out for their lack of talent and originality.

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The song begins with Khaligraph rapping about how he is the best rapper in East Africa, and how he is tired of being disrespected by Tanzanian rappers. He then goes on to diss specific rappers, such as Msodoki Young Killer and Wakazi.

Khaligraph’s lyrics are full of insults and boasts, and he does not hold back in his criticism of his rivals. He calls them “mediocre“, “washed up“, and “talentless“. He also accuses them of copying his style and trying to ride on his coattails.

Listen to Bongo Favour by Khaligraph Jones Below;

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